IDF Shoots Father, Two Brothers – Then Prevents Ambulance

Here is a truly shocking story that our propaganda machine – the “fair and balanced” US mainstream media – would never show. Thumbs up to NYC based independent news program “Democracy Now!” for taking on this story of Amer Shurrab, a Palestinian from Khan Yunis living in the United States:

“On Friday, his dad and two brothers were fleeing their village when their vehicle came under Israeli fire. His brother, twenty-eight-year-old Kassab, died in a hail of bullets trying to flee the vehicle. His other brother, eighteen years old, Ibrahim, survived the initial attack, but Israeli troops refused to allow an ambulance to reach him and his father until twenty hours later. By then, it was too late. Ibrahim had bled to death in front of his father.”

You can watch, read or listen to the whole interview here.

In Gaza, Ambulances have to give coordinates to the IDF to be able to get to rescue civilians otherwise they are shot like the many who tried to without IDF approval. This is a war crime. Simply inhuman.

The next time you look at your pay stubs and complain how much taxes you are paying or when you sit down and write that check to the IRS on April 15 – just remember that a portion of that money is paying for this.

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Silent Screams in Gaza

“You can’t have a war against terrorism because war is terrorism…with a bigger budget.”

Once again we are watching massacres in Gaza just like last March when 110 civilians were slaughtered. You know the feeling – Rage, anger, sadness and despair as million dollar bombs paid by our taxes rain upon already starved and helpless civilians – so far the toll is 364 dead and over 1,500 wounded. This is one of the bloodiest attacks on Palestinians since 1948.

Up until now, Palestinians were only starved to death, dying silently for want of basic medications: insulin, cancer treatment, products for dialysis prohibited from reaching them by Israel. Elderly and sick deprived of food and medicine by the Israeli blockade intended to cause suffering and deprivation to 1.5 million Palestinians, most of them refugees and children, in the Gaza strip.

But now, the Apartheid state of Israel is using American supplied Israeli F-16 warplanes and Apache helicopters to drop hundreds of bombs on dozens of locations in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip.

This Christmas/Hanukkah, Israel chose to violate two Commandments given to Moses:

Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house.

Yeah – and that too – right in the Holy Land and with our weapons and funding.

Obama’s silence is deafening but more disturbing is his and his fellow Demoncrats’ (No – not a typo – that’s what I call supporters of war and genocide) support and applause for the Israeli mass murder.

The justification used for the genocide this time is retaliation for rockets being fired at Israel – Not a single Israeli was hurt by the rockets when these attacks began. Maybe people should be asked – but if someone was occupying your land, bulldozing your homes, dropping million dollar bombs on your villages, building settlements upon them and stealing your livelihood, what would they do?

Americans – these bombs and massacres are paid by our taxes, these attacks would not be possible without American military and economic aid to Israel – it is our responsibility to speak out and protest alongside human beings worldwide who are outraged at this slaughter taking place. Demonstrations are important – but when demonstrations end will you go back home and continue to let Palestinians in Gaza die in silence once again as your taxes are used to bomb children instead of educate them?

Take action today click on the below link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section “Take Action”:

Mumbai Attacks: Piecing Together the Story

There are are a lot of speculation and stories floating around about the Mumbai attacks. You won’t get the full stories of the attacks from the mainstream media.

AlterNet has put together a comprehensive and alternative analysis on latest terrorist attacks carried out in Mumbai. Click on the below link:

Mumbai Attacks: Piecing Together the Story

Britain’s History of Breeding Terrorists

Here’s an article from the Yorkshire Post by Chris Bond that lists terrorists that were produced in the UK that went on to create terror around the world:

Britain’s shameful links to extremists killing for Islam

EXTREMISTS born or based in Britain have been linked to a string of terror attacks.
Britain attracted an unwelcome reputation as a haven for Islamic radicals, with the capital dubbed “Londonistan”.

The first British suicide bomber was Londoner Asif Hanif, 21, an ex-public schoolboy who blew himself up outside a Tel Aviv bar in April 2003.

His accomplice, Omar Khan Sharif, 27, from Derby, tried to detonate a bomb that failed to explode and his body was found in the sea several days later.

Martial arts expert Wail al-Dhaleai, from Sheffield, killed himself in a suicide bombing against US troops in Iraq in November 2003.

The same year 21-year-old Manchester University student Urslaan Khan was arrested in northern Iraq allegedly attempting to join an al-Qaida linked guerrilla group.

The so-called “Tipton Three” were released from Guantanamo Bay after being held in the Cuban camp for three years.

In another case, would-be suicide bomber Saajid Badat was jailed at the Old Bailey for 13 years after he admitted plotting with Richard Reid to explode a shoe bomb on a transatlantic flight in December 2001. Reid was later sentenced to a life term by a United States court.

However, it was the 7/7 bombings that thrust Yorkshire into the terrorist spotlight.

Four suicide bombers exploded devices in three packed rush-hour London Underground Tube trains and a crowded bus, killing 52 people and injuring nearly 800.

All of the bombers, ringleader Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Jermaine Lindsay and Hasib Hussain had links to West Yorkshire.

In August this year, 18-year-old Hammaad Munshi, from Dewsbury, became Britain’s youngest terrorist and was locked up for two years after plans to cause death and destruction were found hidden in his bedroom.

Munshi was just 15 when he was recruited into the plot.

The Ugly American: War Crimes of America

Our media does not show the ugly side of what America is responsible for. We do not see what “Shock and Awe” has done to Iraq.

We are commanded to “Support the troops” and declare “God Bless America”.

Watch this five minute video and tell me is this what we should support? Is this what God will bless?

My fellow Americans, please remember that it is your tax dollars that are paying for this horrible nightmare.

Note: The video contains disturbing scenes of American troops sadistically taunting Iraqi children , randomly throwing grenades at sheep herders, and hurling a puppy off the cliff to its death.

The “brave marines” who threw the puppy off the cliff were kicked out of the Marine corps. Do you think they would have been kicked out if they killed a human being which they have been doing for the last 6 years?