Last Word on “Net Neutrality”

This was heard on the Internet on a Facebook comment – author unknown:

“Net Neutrality was essentially a Trojan horse for greater government control and regulation of the core traffic of the internet. It is a solution in search of a problem. Remember, Net Neutrality was only implemented in 2015, so it’s only been around for two years. But, they sold it to us to solve the “problem” of ISPs selling access to different services for different prices.

Now, I want you to tell me when your ISP charged you a different price for access to email, or social networking, or streaming video prior to 2015?

The answer is…they didn’t. It never happened.

The government essentially created a problem so that they could be the solution. This allowed the FCC to begin regulating the Internet as a semi-public utility, and allow five people to decide who will be allowed access to what on the internet. It was their foot in the door.

Remember, the Internet was the answer to the censorship that FCC regulations created in the first place. The Internet was the answer to having only four TV networks, and only a handful of radio stations. The Internet was the answer to not being able to say “shit” on the radio. The Internet was the answer to not being able to see boobies on TV. The Internet was the answer to the FCC limiting your freedom of speech, and your access to unconventional ideas.

All of a sudden, the FCC is there to insure that we have freedom of choice?

Also, you should consider who supports Net Neutrality. It is the companies that have the largest share of internet traffic, among them Google, Facebook, and Amazon. Perhaps not coincidentally, these are the same companies who have collected more personal data on you than anyone else.

So, let’s do a thought experiment. What if your ISP told you that you had to pay extra to use Google…or Facebook…or Amazon? You’d probably find another ISP, right? It would make absolutely zero business sense for an ISP to do that.

And, why would the largest content providers support it, knowing full well that no ISP would ever try to charge more for their content? I mean, would you want an ISP that told you you had to pay extra for Facebook?

Here’s why they support it. Google, Facebook and Amazon (GFA) would be one step closer to monopoly status. They want to blur and merge the line between content providers (them) and content delivery (ISPs). Once the Pandora’s Box that is FCC regulation is in place, GFA would have the regulatory body necessary to ensure startup competitors could not comply with the regulations. Currently, GFA simply purchases companies which have the potential to compete with their core products. However, that cost them billions to do so. In many cases, once they purchase the small competitors, they shelve them, and redirect their traffic to their core products.

However, if GFA were to have a regulatory body, such as the FCC, regulating ISPs and ultimately content providers, they would have a much cheaper way to prevent start-up competitors from gaining a foothold in the market. And, lobbying government to implement regulation favorable to them costs exponentially less than buying competitive companies.

So, net neutrality is a long play for them. It doesn’t matter WHAT the FCC is talking about regulating on the Internet. To them, it’s about ensuring the FCC is simply regulating. It’s about getting that government foot in the door to protect their content monopolies. But that’s not even their longest play. Their ultimate goal is data collection and behavior control.

Because that’s really the business that GFA is in. If they can limit your choices for content, they can ensure they have access to the most data about you, and control your purchasing behavior…at minimum.”

  • Unknown author

UK Police State Stories – Mobile Users Need to Register

In the UK now – mobile users will have to register into a DB – this is a violation of a person’s privacy. They will need a passport or ID to purchase a cell phone – every move they make will be monitored. Every word they say in the cell phone will be monitored. 24/7 you will be tracked….All Brits are terrorists now.

Passports will be needed to buy mobile phones

Everyone who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance.

Phone buyers would have to present a passport or other official form of identification at the point of purchase. Privacy campaigners fear it marks the latest government move to create a surveillance society.

A compulsory national register for the owners of all 72m mobile phones in Britain would be part of a much bigger database to combat terrorism and crime.

Private Details of EU Citizens To Be Given to US

Europeans can kiss their privacy goodbye.

The EU is finalizing a new deal that will give away all private information to the US – such as credit card transactions, internet browsing habits and travel histories, etc – this means what they buy, where they surf on the Internet and where they travel to will now be all at the fingertips of incompetent American government workers.

Brussels to sign away your private details to US

Excerpt from the article:

Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said: “We can barely trust our own authorities with sensitive personal information. What redress will we have on the other side of the Atlantic if our details are lost or abused?”

The Foreign Office would make no comment yesterday and an EU spokesman declined to discuss the matter. Stewart Baker, assistant secretary for policy at the US department of homeland security, said that the deal would make it easier for the US to obtain private information on individuals from banks, credit card firms and other companies in Britain and the EU.

More Police State Tyranny from England

Here’s another incident that shows how the UK has become a Police State. This man got arrested for laughing.

Christopher Cocker, 36, was minding his own business watching TV in his own home was laughing so hard he fell off the settee (sofa in American). A neighbor called the police.

The police forcefully barged into his home even though he had committed no crime, sprayed him with pepper spray, handcuff him – tied him down with plastic ties on his ankles and hands, arrested and threw him in the back of the police van. He was then stripped naked and thrown in jail.

Christopher Cocker
Christopher Cocker.

“It was something Paul Merton said and I remember falling of the settee, I didn’t think it would end up in court.

“I hadn’t had a drink or anything, I was just watching TV and all this happened. Paul Merton is one of my favorites. He’s really funny.”

Read the complete article here.

England – A Police State

This is the stupidity of the UK Government.

Apparently Security officials at Heathrow Airport prevented a thirty year old man from flying and threatened him of arrest unless he removed a t-shirt he was wearing with an image of an armed robot – Megatron – from Transformers.

T-shirt to dangerous to fly

Seriously, this is not a joke. The Evening Standard reported:

An airline passenger claimed that a security guard threatened to arrest him because he was wearing a T-shirt showing a cartoon robot with a gun. Brad Jayakody, 30, from London, said he was stopped from passing through security at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 after his Transformers T-shirt was deemed ‘offensive.’ …Mr Jayakody said the first guard started joking with him about the Transformers character depicted on his French Connection T-shirt. ‘”Then he explains that since Megatron is holding a gun, I’m not allowed to fly,’ he said. ‘It’s a 40ft tall cartoon robot with a gun as an arm. There is no way this shirt is offensive in any way, and what I’m going to use the shirt to pretend I have a gun?

In the USA – it is no better – recently my 73 year old mother was suspected of being a terrorist when four keystone cops from the Transportation Security Administration went though her luggage three times because she tried to take a bottle of water (to drink on the long flight to London) along with her in her purse. They also confiscated her perfumes and hand lotion bottles – God forbid, she just might take the the whole plane hostage with her tiny bottle of Aveeno. “Everybody on the floor!”

How stupid and paranoid do you have to be to believe that 73 year old women pose a significant threat to the country that they have to be patted down like criminals and subject to humiliating searches by illiterate government thugs?

If we want to stop terrorism in this country – let’s start by stopping wars on Arabs, Afghanis, our support to Israel and threatening Iran with “obliteration“. Then they won’t have a reason to attack us. Primary reason for suicide terrorists is occupation of their lands by a foreign power says Robert Pape, the world’s foremost authority on suicide terrorism.