Film: War Dance (2007)

This was one of the most moving and beautifully crafted films that I have seen this year.

War Dance (2007)

For more than 20 years, the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel militia group, has been waging war in northern Uganda. The rebels have abducted tens of thousands of children, stealing their childhood, their parents, and destroying their homes, forcing many to take up arms and commit unspeakable acts against their own people.

In the middle of all the horrifying violence, The National School Dance and Music competition is taking place in Kampala with over 20,000 schools taking part. This competition becomes an unlikely symbol of salvation for three Ugandan children; Rose, Nancy and Dominic. These three children live in the Patongo refugee camp of war torn northern Uganda, they have lost at least one parent, sibling or family member to the horrors of the war, and have been forced into this government protected camp for basic survival. No electricity, no water and no safe place. They have nothing but despair, yet they look to the future with hope in their eyes. Winning the dance and music competition is everything to them.

War Dance is a film of striking paradoxes – Each child tells his real-life story, showing their accounts of affliction in between the joy and pride they achieve in preparing for competition. The film was extremely inspiring and very touching – the bravery of the children, the profound wisdom in their thoughts and speech will move you in this unforgettable story of hope and healing.

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