How Iceland Beat Coronavirus

In Iceland, some businesses were closed for a few weeks, but when they realized they didn’t need to, quickly re-opened up everything. Lockdowns don’t work and are derimental.

“Iceland never imposed a lockdown. Only a few types of businesses—night clubs and hair salons, for example—were ever ordered closed. Hardly anyone in Reykjavík wears a mask. And yet, by mid-May, when I went to talk to Pálmason, the tracing team had almost no one left to track. During the previous week, in all of Iceland, only two new coronavirus cases had been confirmed. The country hadn’t just managed to flatten the curve; it had, it seemed, virtually eliminated it.”


France: Shame of the World Cup

What a shame, for a proud soccer country like France to be chased out of the World Cup in such a manner. Such humiliation! How bad was it that French Supporters were cheering for the South African team against their home country’s? Good thing these players weren’t the Colombian team – otherwise drug lords’ hitmen would be welcoming them.

Arrogance and pride came before their shameful fall. Despite having players that play for world class teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona the French failed to impress as a team let alone as athletes or even soccer players. They showed horrible sportsmanship and behaved far worse than spoiled little children. Their coach refused to shake hands with the South African coach!

Last World Cup the French team was the best one – this year, clearly the worst.

France’s shame: Heads bowed and faces grim, disgraced team sent home after crashing out of World Cup


Their heads bowed, their faces grim, this is the French team boarding a plane in South Africa last night just hours after crashing out of the World Cup.

The team flew out of Bloemfonteim after losing 2-1 to hosts South Africa in a game that was so dismal their own fans began cheering for the opposing side.

Now the England team must battle to avoid a similar fate this afternoon in what skipper Steven Gerard has called a ‘do or die’ match against Slovenia.

The British World Cup bid has gotten off to a stumbling start, and the team must win today if it is to make it into the final 16.

Welcome to LA, David Beckham


US Soccer fans: Mark your calendars. Today January 11th, 2007 is a date that will go down in US soccer history – Major League Soccer has finally entered the global soccer arena!

David Beckham has announced he’s leaving Real Madrid and just signed a five year contract (worth $250 million) to join LA Galaxy.

This is not some old European soccer player retiring, or someone who failed to make the premier league – but The David Beckham – the world’s most well known player. In last year’s World Cup – he proved he was the greatest player on the English team as its captain. He’s one of the world’s greatest free kick takers. The only Englishman to score in three World Cups. He’s only 31 and still has his brilliance as he showed us in the World Cup 2006. The best players were all the oldest ones (namely the French team).

You can now expect to see more Americans getting interested in soccer since Beckham is still considered one of the greatest players of the game. And the Hollywood crowds and celebrities will be spotted at Beckham games just like the Lakers games. Season tickets for LA Galaxy games will be sold out by now. People all around the world will wear LA Galaxy jerseys with “Beckham” on it. I bet you the jerseys are already on sale here in LA printed and ready. Only in America… the marketing possibilities are endless with the Beckham name.

Welcome to LA, Beckham.