Masks Will Not Save You

For 4 weeks now, masking has been mandated in most of the USA. Here in California, it has been going on for about 10 weeks or so – you can’t enter stores witout a mask, you see people in the street wearing masks, even driving alone theyre wearing masks. However, the cases are rising to record levels despite mandatory masking.

Work on your immune system – exercise, eat healthy, take vitamins, get sunshine, sleep, drink lots of water. Masking isn’t going to save you. Masks only provide you with a false sense of security. The only safe bet is to be healthy enough that your body can protect you from the infection and if infected, is able to fight back. After all the survival rate is 99.4%, the people dying have weak immune systems, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.

World Health Experts, The WHO, Fauci, Daniel Andrews on MASK WEARING


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