The Truth About Increase in New COVID-19 Cases in the USA

Anyone who says coronavirus is getting worse is not being honest. Governments never tell you the truth. The mainstream media is misleading people because they are just a propaganda mouthpiece of the government – they simply repeat and don’t bother to look at the numbers.

  1. Deaths have dropped by 90% since April.

  2. The CDC just announced that nationwide cases have dropped by 0.5% over the past week, but have increased in a couple of states.

  3. New cases are increasing in some of those states like CA, TX are because they increased testing (wet from about 100,000 tests to 700,000 tests), and also because they changed the way that they are counting cases. Previously only testing done in the hospitals with the deep nasal test were cases – now people who had it in the past and are carrying antibodies are counted.

  • California also inflated the numbers – this was reported in the LA Times:

These people are criminals…

The downward trend continued after states began lifting their lockdowns. That is the real truth.


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