Iran’s Nuclear Escapade

Why would they possibly want a nuclear weapon?

This map will help demystify Iran’s motives. (Each star represents a U.S. military base.) If Iran had military bases in Canada, Mexico, battleships in the Pacific, Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico – How would the US react? Roll over and play dead?

The 1,000 US military bases in about 130 countries is bankrupting this nation, not protecting “American interests” – they are not my interests yet my taxes continue pay for them. They are threatening global security not enhancing it. Free and peaceful trade with countries as Ron Paul proposes is a much better way to prosperity and peace….not “liberation” with carpet bombs and then shoving “democracy” down their throats.

4 thoughts on “Iran’s Nuclear Escapade

  1. I’m pretty sure I didn’t take the oath of enlistment to build a fortune. Our government is looking out for our freedoms. Who says if we didn’t make an “appearance” they wouldn’t be kicking down your front door. These bases that are bankrupting the nation are actually serving as hospitals to try to keep marines, soldiers, sailors, and pilots alive after they selflessly defend a great nation, while all you care about is your dollar you are earning by publishing this trash. I have no idea why you are trying to justify a foreign country building up a nuclear armament when there is obviously tensions between the United States and Iran. We are looking after the freedoms of those living in the greatest nation in the world by making sure your family is safe in their bed at night. Good luck with that free and peaceful bs because that exists in fairy tales.

    • I see why you are still a Private.

      You have no knowledge of World Affairs, and believe the Propoganda Machine known as the Military Industrial Complex.
      Don’t worry, you will be at it again, and again untill they kill you,

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