Wisconsin is Not Egypt

I was amazed to see “Walk like an Egyptian” signs being held up by the Wisconsin demonstrators. They have it all wrong!

Wisconsin is not Egypt

Egypt and Wisconsin are not the same. The fight in Wisconsin is not a fight for liberty like in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, etc. In fact, the complete opposite – It is a fight to enslave Americans further under excessive taxation. It is a fight on how to divide the spoils of taxation.

Americans have lost their spirit they had that freed this nation. The founding fathers revolted against the British because they were being charged 10% tax by the British. Today they revolt to further enslavement as in Wisconsin.

Here’s a solution:



“In Wisconsin, as in Greece, the welfare-state chickens are coming home to roost. The state’s revenues are insufficient to pay the bills. State officials, who lack the constitutional authority to simply print money to pay the bills, are having to slash spending, which has sent those who receive the state’s largess on the warpath. “Don’t take away our dole,” they cry.

But in their demand to keep their largess, the dole recipients forget that the state does not have an independent fountain of wealth. To get more money, it must impose heavier taxes on the citizenry, who are already hard-pressed just to make ends meet. Moreover, heavier taxes are likely to drive marginal firms out of business or cause them to leave the state, thereby aggravating the problem.”

“Americans would be wise to use this crisis as an opportunity to ask some fundamental questions, especially: “What is the proper role of government in a free society?” Then, people should dismantle all the departments and agencies doing things that government should not be doing and laying off all the bureaucrats who are engaged that illegitimate activity.”


2 thoughts on “Wisconsin is Not Egypt

  1. Well, I do agree that Wisconsin is not Egypt. Simple geography. But I think you’re missing the point. It’s just drawing a parallel between movements of the people.
    And I would venture to say that welfare recipients DID NOT cause the budget problem across the USA. CORPORATE welfare, pandering to special interests, looking the other way while Wall street digs in the people’s pockets, bailouts, failing for decades to tax big business at a reasonable rate while they ship all of our jobs overseas and rake in the profits, and most especially- TWO ridiculously expensive, completely ineffective, pointless and never-ending WARS have caused the budget problems we face today. As a matter of fact, check this out: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/02/01/us/budget.html?hp
    If you still fail to see that blaming the poor for our current budget crisis is misguided at best, you’re either blind or willfully ignorant. Or maybe just a product of the awe-inspiring American educational system.
    But keep beating that drum, and use your vote to allow the Republicans to turn the USA into an oligarchy- I’ll see you on the bread line.


  2. Hi Mel – sorry you feel that way. I blame the problems on the warfare and the welfare state.

    Welfare by the state as a matter of principle is wrong, doesn’t matter if they pay corporations or give people free health care, free pensions, great salaries, etc.

    Siphoning off trillions to pay for war is immoral. So is taking away my taxes to pay for “welfare” of others – poor or not. Last year I paid enough taxes that could finance a year of tuition at Harvard for my two kids. Where do those taxes go? War, salaries of parasitic government workers.

    It is not the poor to blame – those Wisconsin workers are not poor – they are making us poor.



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