Floods and Drones: Natural and Man-Made Disasters in Pakistan

“Wars based on principle are far more destructive…the attacker will not destroy that which he is after.”
~ Alan Watts, “The Way of Zen”

Yesterday, a US drone strike in Pakistan destroyed a home of “suspected militants” killing 20 people among them at least four women and three children.

Instead of humanitarian aid, the US government is bombing the country. Why isn’t this on the mainstream media? Is Tiger Woods’ divorce is more important to Americans than the lives of millions of Pakistanis facing the worst natural disaster in recent history?

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said it is worse than anything he had ever seen:

“Thousands of towns and villages have simply been washed away. Roads, buildings, bridges, crops – millions of livelihoods have been lost. People are marooned on tiny islands with the floodwaters all around them (without food, sanitation, medical help, or shelter). They are drinking dirty water. They are living in the mud and ruins of their lives. Many have lost family and friends. Many more are afraid their children and loved ones will not survive in these condition.”

20 million Pakistanis are affected as one fifth of their nation is under water and spreading. This is the US equivalent of the entire states of Texas, California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, and Oregon combined. Americans cannot even imagine anything like ever that happening. Katrina was nothing compared to this tragedy.

But how sad and pathetic is it that our government is ordering bombing of Pakistan using drones while the country is drowning, homeless, starving and suffering? These are war crimes being committed.

There are people in America who still worship our Nobel “Peace” Prize winning leader and blindly support his policies of bombing innocent people in places most Americans cannot even point to on the map. War as it is does not bring peace, only misery and these wars against nations that pose no threat to us will only create more angry terrorists bent on killing us (for more on this read Robert Pape’s book “Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism”.

www.bendib.com – America’s Most Wanted Cartoonist.
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3 thoughts on “Floods and Drones: Natural and Man-Made Disasters in Pakistan

  1. the drone attacks are what is keeping pakistan safe at the mommet, the taliban has alreday attacked pakistans trbal area a couple of days ago killing scores,

    infact terrorist are killing more pakistanis,

    your govt knows it and hence given the jacobad airport to the americans

    remmeber the largest aid is from usa, and the wester world

    so be grateful

  2. That’s just mentally retarded. The drone attacks are what is killing Pakistanis not keeping them safe.There have been more than innocent 700 civilians killed using drones. That’s a war crime. This is what is creating terrorism and will comeback to America in the form of blowback. And also I’m American and majority of Americans do not support these war crimes.

  3. It is inhumane, cowardly and criminal to mercilessly persist in drone attacking and killing innocent men, women and children who have nothing to do with 9/11 to terrorism as they try to cope with such a dreadful natural disaster of that magnitude. Shame on you. Oh and dude…you really need to take spelling lessons. I know three year old kids that can spell better than you.

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