GOP Congressman Wants to Deport Every Iranian

Another bigot and xenophobic leader goes berserk again…

Here on the Los Angeles Area – we have the largest Iranian (Persian) population in the USA. Beverly Hills and Westwood will never be the same again as these areas are dominated by filthy rich Iranians – my lawyer is an Iranian and so is my doctor, my dentist and my mechanic. They are the ones who drive the economy of Los Angeles. Who shops at the expensive stores in LA and who buys homes during this recession? Certainly not the US congress representatives who steal our money and send our children to fight in wars for the profit of themselves.

Many Persians (Iranians) have kept their Passport and retained heir Iranian Citizenship for the sole reason that they can go back to Iran whenever they want to visit families. There are thousands of Jews, Christians, Bahai’s in addition to Muslims who are citizens of Iran in LA alone. During the elections Westwood and Beverly Hills had election booths set up and on the last Iranian election day last year thousands had shown up to vote.

Now this racist congressman wants to deport them. Make sure you voice your distaste for this bill to your Congress representative.