California’s Budget Needs Spending Cuts in Right Places

It is terribly sad that California lawmakers aren’t cutting spending in the right places like waste in prisons, medicare/medicaid fraud, workers comp – where more is paid out than collected.

Despite propositions to increase taxes in California (where we already pay the highest taxes in the nation) were defeated, lawmakers are still looking to find ways to increase more taxes or collect money in ways that would make Bernie Madoff look like an an amateur.

Budget magicians use sleight of hand to help close California’s giant deficit.

It’s a shame – our taxes are already funding schools that have a 50% failure rate. Superintendents in LAUSD make $300,000 plus benefits. LAUSD spends more per student, has more bureaucrats per student, higher paid teachers and principals – compared to the Catholic Archdiocese. But Catholic schools with a lower per student spending have a higher success rate for students than LAUSD. Maybe LAUSD can learn a thing or two about education from them. As it is – in California, 1 in 4 students drop out, 1 in 4 students can’t read.

California - A Sinking Ship

California - A Sinking Ship


2 thoughts on “California’s Budget Needs Spending Cuts in Right Places

  1. One can’t milk blood from a turnip. With a bleak job outlook and IOU’s for unemployment, furlows etc…How do lawmakers think they are going to get more money by raising taxes eventuly someone needs to live in reality in this state before all the smart folks leave the state.

  2. The only reason why there is a higher success rate in a private school is because the private school has control of who their students are. Public schools don’t have that “luxury” because they are supposed to accept all students and, in some cases, all kids are doing is avoiding fines because the law says they are supposed to be in school.

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