Charles Freeman: Fails Loyalty to Israel Test

“Change we can believe in” example number 98,792….Charles Freeman, who was appointed for the Chairman of National Intelligence was terminated because of his past criticism of Israeli actions such as Israeli Apartheid, genocide, mass murder, stealing Palestinian land, destroying Palestinian resources, bulldozing Palestinian homes and then building “settlements” on top of them, and stealing from the US taxpayers to pay for all of it in the form of military and economic aid. He was overthrown because he believes America’s interests should be put ahead of Israel’s.

My fellow Americans…. please don’t hold your breath for “change”. You will be extremely disappointed.

Do you still deny that American politicians are mere puppets of Israel?

Here’s Glenn Greenwald on the overthrow of Charles Freeman:

UPDATE: Prior to the announcement that the Freeman appointment was terminated, Max Blumenthal documented that the man leading the anti-Freeman assault was Steve Rosen, the long-time AIPAC official currently on trial for violations of the Espionage Act in connection with the transmission of classified U.S. information intended for Israel. Blumenthal also quotes foreign policy analyst Chris Nelson as follows:

Freeman is stuck in the latest instance of the deadly power game long played here on what level of support for controversial Israeli government policies is a “requirement” for US public office. If Obama surrenders to the critics and orders [Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair] to rescind the Freeman appointment to chair the NIC, it is difficult to see how he can properly exercise leverage, when needed, in his conduct of policy in the Middle East. That, literally, is how the experts see the stakes of the fight now under way.

Read the complete article at:

Charles Freeman fails the loyalty test


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