Rick Santelli’s Tea Party

This is a must watch video!

CNBC’s Rick Santelli denounces the Obama administration’s stimulus and its latest policy of subsidizing deadbeats and parasites at the expense of the productive. The other CNBC talking heads are confused, befuddled, and clueless, as usual.

But when he turns around and asks the traders on the floor how many of them would like to pay for their neighbor’s mortgage particularly if they bought far more house than they could actually afford, the whole floor goes wild! I couldn’t believe this is on mainstream media!


4 thoughts on “Rick Santelli’s Tea Party

  1. Nothing lasts forever. When a political party is no longer relevant and is out of step with what exists in the present and insists on re-living the no longer existing past, …that political party is destined to be viewed as a dead man walking.
    The Republican party is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, it is out of touch with 21st century america and consequently has become an obstical in america’s progress toward a progressive and enlightened future. Under the Bush years the republicans were a thorn in the side of the entire world, and the world reacted with a sigh of relief, and hope for the future when the republicans were defeated in their attempt to hold on to the reins of power.
    The political center is in the process of shifting away from all what existed in our no longer relevant past and is moving toward a more relevant present by adopting measures that favor the general public and are opposing measures that tend to favor the special interests of the rich and mighty.
    It is my opinion that the Obama administration and the democratic party will attempt to compromise with much of what occured in the past, so as to become a more relevant centrist american political party. With the passage of time the republican right wing political party will go out of existence and the present day democratic party will replace the republican party as being the new representative of the party that represents the recent traditional past. That particular change will give rise to a new main- streame political party that will represent the moving away from the no longer relevant traditions of the past and toward a new more relevant left wing progressive future.
    History has shown that you cannot stop progress, and progress has always been the movment of the masses of people to the left of the political spectrum.

  2. Ha! that’s a funny quote, despicable. You’re talking about an America in which only 20% of people identified themselves as liberal this last election cycle. You’re also talking about an America heavily invested in the stock markets via 401k’s, pension plans, and endowments, who are watching those things collapse with the ever-falling stock market. And that market is falling precisely b/c of fears of Barack Obama’s progressive politics: higher regulation; restrictions on executive pay; potential bank nationalization; reckless stimulus spending to increase fabled “aggregate demand,” bailouts for delinquent mortage payers- many of whom lied to get into their mortgages and 55% of whom will default even after they have been “helped” according to some studies.

    No- I don’t think this is a move towards the “progessive.” The “progressive” started (from what I can tell) in the late 19th century and never has fully caught on here in America. Because the economic stagnation of the 1970’s, which directly resulted from the bloated government spending of the 1960’s and was exacerbated by government interventionism in that decade, proved to many Americans progressivism and interventionism was a failed economic model.

    The same is set to happen again under Barack Obama. That’s what we’re sitting back and watching right now. With the DOW down 10% since inauguration day, etc. Ugh!

    I don’t care if the Republican party stays or goes. But the more conservative viewpoints on economics are here to stay – they are just laying dormant for the time being while we relearn the follies of the past.

  3. A “leftist ideology” is as natural in the scheme of things as a “right wing ideology!”
What gives an “ideology” it’s particular character of being good or bad is the basic nature and character of the particular environment that the ideology inhabits.
The “Right Wing” fundamentalist’s strict adherance to rules, dogma and doctrine and the traditions of the past is as natural as a left wing ideology that challenges the traditions of the past and attempts to incorporate into the environment a more relevant way of thinking and doing.
The sin of left wingers is to attempt to bring about progressive change prematurely, before the conditions exist that makes progressive change necessary.
The methods that are used to hold on to power and to gain power by both the right wing and the left wing are similar. It is only the “centrist” political parties that attempt to prevent clashes between the right and left wing opposing views by attempting compromise. Eventually compromise becomes “sell out” and without a political center to keep the antagonists apart, a clash ensues between the old no longer relevant past and the new more relevant future. Eventually the war between the opposing forces stop when a new more relevant center is born that is able to compromise the differences between those that represent the still relevant traditions of the past and those that represent the new emerging progressive traditions that will exist in the future.
It is impossible to stop this process. It has been with us fom the beginning of time.

  4. Everything on the planet and in the universe evolves. It is a cause and effect process that is an objective manifestation that is independent of subjective notions of what should and shouldn’t be.
    Political and social change is not the result of secret conspiracies by large national and international organizations.
    All change is something that occurs because at a particular point in time, due to objective circumstances, situations and conditions, it becomes imperative and necesary that a particular change takes place, a change that is the only possible thing that can happen, because all other options had been exausted.
    The “Global Economy” and the “New World Order,” evolved, … and is something that was predictable and was not the result of a world wide secret conspiracy of international bankers and liberal politicians. It evolved because the capitalist system could evolve in no other way.
    “Capitalism” has outgrown Nationalism” and the only possible direction that the system of capitalism can move toward so that it could continue to grow, … is toward the system of “Globalism!”


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