Wake Up America! The Hidden Truth

It is time to call your elected officials again, to write to them and to protest your taxes being given to Israel for mass murder and ethnic cleansing.

Write to your Congressperson and Senators as well as President Obama.

Tell them that military aid to Israel is illegal and immoral. It’s illegal because Israel uses this military aid in violation of the Arms Export Control Act and Foreign Assistance Act to commit human rights violations of Palestinians through its brutal military occupation and siege of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

It’s immoral because it is American weapons that are helping commit Israeli war crimes, massacres of women and children, carpet bombing of civilian areas and the occupation of Palestinians. All those war crimes are causing great humanitarian crises.

As a American taxpayer you refuse to be an accessory to Israel’s mass murder and war crimes. As an American you want your taxes to be spent on America and not go to fund Israeli genocide.

Call/write your reps today by clicking here.

Find your Senators contact by clicking here.

Contact President Obama at 202-456-1111 or send him an email by clicking here.


One thought on “Wake Up America! The Hidden Truth

  1. America paid for and supplied the weapons Israel used to murder close to 400 children in Gaza. The American taxpayers need to make certain their elected representatives know that they no longer want to fund the israel ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. I hope people write!

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