IDF Shoots Father, Two Brothers – Then Prevents Ambulance

Here is a truly shocking story that our propaganda machine – the “fair and balanced” US mainstream media – would never show. Thumbs up to NYC based independent news program “Democracy Now!” for taking on this story of Amer Shurrab, a Palestinian from Khan Yunis living in the United States:

“On Friday, his dad and two brothers were fleeing their village when their vehicle came under Israeli fire. His brother, twenty-eight-year-old Kassab, died in a hail of bullets trying to flee the vehicle. His other brother, eighteen years old, Ibrahim, survived the initial attack, but Israeli troops refused to allow an ambulance to reach him and his father until twenty hours later. By then, it was too late. Ibrahim had bled to death in front of his father.”

You can watch, read or listen to the whole interview here.

In Gaza, Ambulances have to give coordinates to the IDF to be able to get to rescue civilians otherwise they are shot like the many who tried to without IDF approval. This is a war crime. Simply inhuman.

The next time you look at your pay stubs and complain how much taxes you are paying or when you sit down and write that check to the IRS on April 15 – just remember that a portion of that money is paying for this.

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2 thoughts on “IDF Shoots Father, Two Brothers – Then Prevents Ambulance

  1. The involvement of press and media in a war has been the bane of warfare since Vietnam. Newspapers understood during WWII, don’t print stories about dead soldiers, it’s hard enough for family members to hear something twice. But no, it’s all about who can slap the flashiest battle image across the headlines. The idea that war can be made humane, that it can be made fair, is not possible. War is the horrible, sick, twisted, depraved, Inhumane act of a group of people trying to kill another. There is absolutely nothing redeeming or acceptable about it. But to try and say it can be refined when it simply cannot, pure lunacy. The Palestinians have been made the bastard child by the rest of the arab nations, and Israel gave them a place to call home. Didn’t have to, but they did. They even left them things like greenhouses and other agricultural works to help jump start this new “Pinnacle” of Palestinian life. But what really happened? The people gave in to terrorists and allowed them to live in their midst. Allowing people to launch cowardly attacks on innocent people without so much as lifting a finger to resist, not trying to prevent the loss of human life when it is within your power. If the palestinians are worthy of being saved, they need to prove it. Allowing someone to commit murder in your home, I believe, is the true definition of “Inhumane”.

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