Obama Selects Warhawk Zionist for Chief of Staff

The first thing Obama does as President elect is to select Rahm Emanuel – a hardcore supporter of War in Iraq, Zionism and Israel as his Chief of Staff.

“Change we can believe in” is not coming, guys.

Rahm has consistently supported the war in Iraq, supports the occupation and subjugation of Palestinians and is a hardcore Zionist. He even served in the Israeli Army as a mechanic in 1991.

He supported the $850 billion bailout of Wall Street as well…During the bailout vote, he got a special waiver from his Rabbi to work during Rosh Hashanah.

So now we have one Zionist as a Vice-President and another one as the White House Chief of Staff. Those that deny Zionists are not running this country are simply deluding themselves.

The only change we will see is in the cups of Americans in the street calling out “Please, can you spare some change?”


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