Did Karl Marx Have It Right?

An Online Poll in the London Times shows how popular Communism has become….majority of the people (51%) believe Marx had it right:

Karl Marx: did he get it right?

Not one socialist/communist state ever succeeded….all socialist/commie states were totalitarian and run by tyrants or dictators. They all collapsed.

Shows you how stupid sheeple have become – TV does that to you.

I bet you these people couldn’t live one day in a socialist country.

I have lived under socialism; my family owned two buildings which were “nationalized” by the government in their country when they went socialist – “These buildings belong to the people now” we were told and my family had to pay rent to live in the property they saved up for and built. Businesses, farms, etc all were nationalized. Government stole everything from the people and screwed the citizens dearly.

We had to lineup for things like bread and milk and carry ration cards for simple things like flour or sugar – 2 kilos per household – rice was limited so there was a black market. If we went abroad we used to smuggle in light bulbs and toothpaste.

What do these idiots who voted yes know about socialism?

God damn Marxism, Marx and all those airheads who love socialism/communism.

2 thoughts on “Did Karl Marx Have It Right?

  1. Thank you for your comment.

    Depends on what your definition of capitalism is – if you mean the massive government intervention in the US today then the answer is that is not capitalism.

    In a capitalist economy, the government’s role is to protect the people not draft out 451 page bailouts for bankers – in a capitalist economy banks are allowed to go bankrupt if they make risky and bad investments, not be bailed out at taxpayer expense.

    That is not capitalism – that is socialism. A defining characteristic of fascism was that all profits were private, but losses were socialized.

    Look at history of capitalism and you will learn that no other system has had any proven success or sustainability. Individual rights are the moral basis of society.

    My country Tanzania went from being one of the poorest countries in the world (by adopting socialism) to the fastest growing economy in Africa after reforming to free market capitalism.

    Capitalism’s fundamental rationale is that it permits and promotes freedom by enhancing the rights of the individual and limiting the power of the state.

    For further reading – I would recommend:


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