Haq Ali Ali Ali Maula Ali Ali

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (1948-1997) was a great Peaceful Warrior. A singer from Pakistan that went on to become the world’s greatest singer of Qawwali, a boisterous and passionate music of mystical Islam. His name is revered the world over – from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is considered one of the greatest singers ever recorded. He holds the Guinness world record for the most recordings of any Qawwali artist and has recorded 125 albums. He was gifted with a six-octave vocal range and during his performances it was very common for him to sing at a high-level of intensity for several hours. One of my favorites is his live performance in Paris – the entire performance spans 5 CDs.

His family have been musicians and singers of Qawwali (Islamic devotional music) for six centuries. Nusrat’s father, himself a singer, died in 1964 when Nusrat was about 16. His father had wanted his son to become a doctor because Qawwali is a very challenging style to learn. Ten days after his father’s death, Nusrat had a dream where his father came to him and told him to sing, touching his throat. Nusrat woke up singing, and gave his first public performance at his father’s funeral ceremony forty days later.

His first major hit in Pakistan was the Qawwali, Haq Ali Ali which was performed in a traditional style and with traditional instruments (Harmonium, Tabla, etc). The song featured restrained use of Nusrat’s sargam improvisations and attracted a large number of listeners.

Here is the beautiful heart rendering Qawwali, Haq Ali Ali dedicated to Hazrat Ali (AS) by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – the poetry is sheer divine ecstasy.

Lyrics and Translation of Haq Ali Ali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Ali imaam-e-manasto manam Ghulaam-e-Ali
hazaar jaan-e-giraamii fidaa-e-naam-e-Ali

Ali is the master of all, I am the slave of Ali
a thousand lives are to be sacrificed for Ali

Haidariam qalandaram mastam
bandaa-e-Murtaza Ali hastam
peshvaa-e-tamaam virdaaram
ke sage kuu-e-sher-e-yazdaanam

I belong to the Lion of God
I am an intoxicated ecstatic wandering dervish
I am a slave of Ali the Chosen One
I am the leader of all the drunkards [mystical intoxication]
As I am a dog in the street of the Lion of God [Sher-e Yazdaan is Persian for Lion of God].

kabhii diivaar hiltii hai, kabhii dar kaaNp jaataa hai
Ali kaa naam sun kar ab bhii Khaibar kaaNp jaataa hai

Sometimes the wall shakes, sometimes trembles the door
upon hearing the name of Ali, the fort of Khaibar trembles even now.

Note: During the battle for the Fort of Khaibar, Ali rooted out the heavy door of the fort and used it as his shield.

shaah-e-mardaaN Ali
Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

King of the brave men, Ali
Ali Ali Ali
Ali, [my] master Ali.

patthar pe alam deen ka gaaRaa jisne
lalkaar kar Marhab ko pichaaRaa jisne

[One] who implanted the flag of faith on the rocks
[One] who challenged Marhab and defeated him.
Note: In the same war, Ali challenged and defeated the celebrated warrior Marhab.

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

[The] truth!
Ali Ali Ali
Ali, [my] master Ali

jap le jap le mere manvaa
yahii naam sacchaa hai pyaare
yahii naam tere sab dukh haare
isii naam kii barkat ne diye raaz-e-haqiiqat khol

my heart! chant this
[as] this is the name that is true.
This is the name that removes suffering
[and] the auspiciousness of this name opened the secrets of being.

shaah-e-mardaaN Ali
la fataa illah Ali
sher-e-yazdaaN Ali

King of the brave, Ali.
There is no one except Ali
[and] the lion of God is Ali.

tan par Ali, Ali ho zubaaN par Al Ali
mar jauuN to kafan par bhii likhna Ali Ali

My body chants Ali, so does my tongue
[and] when I die, then write Ali on my shroud.

baGhair hubb-e-Ali mudd’aa nahiiN miltaa
ibaadatoN kaa bhii hargiz silaa nahiiN miltaa
Khudaa ke bandoN suno Ghaur se Khudaa kii qasam
jise Ali nahiiN milte use Khudaa nahiiN miltaa

Without the love of Ali, desire is not fulfilled
not even the prayers are answered.
O! slaves of God listen carefully, by God!
One who does not realizes Ali does not realize God.

basad talaash na ab kuch vus’at-e-nazar se milaa
nishaan-e-manzil-e-maqsuud raahbar se milaa
Ali mile to mile Khaana-e-Khudaa saa hameN
Khudaa ko dhuuNdha to vo bhi Ali ke ghar se milaa

Don’t search for anything now, match the eternal search
match the footprints of the desired destination with guide
to get Ali is like getting a house of God
searching for God too, we found Him in Ali’s house.

diid Haider kii ibaadat, hai ye farmaan-e-nabii
hai Ali ruuh-e-nabii, jism-e-nabii, jaan-e-nabii
gul-e-tathiir Ali
haq kii shamshiir Ali
piiroN ke piir Ali

The sight of Ali in itself is prayer, so said the Prophet
Ali is the soul, body and life of the Prophet
Ali is the purified flower
Ali is the sword of the truth
Ali is the saint of the saints.

dast-e-ilaa kyuuN na ho sher-e-Khudaa Ali
maqsuud har ataa hai shah-e-laa-fataa Ali
jis tarah ek zaat-e-Muhammad hai be-misaal
paidaa hu’aa na hogaa ko’ii duusraa Ali
“Bedam” yahii to paaNch haiN maqsuud-e-qaaynaat
Khairunnisaa, Hasan, Hussain, Mustafaa, Ali

At the door of god why not be like the Lion of God.
Every intention has a reward, King of the Victorious is Ali
Like the progeny of Muhammad is unique and unmatchable
There is none born nor ever will, like Ali
These five are indeed the reason of creation;
Khairunnisaa (Fatima, prophet’s daughter), Hasan, Hussain (Ali’s sons), Mustafa (Prophet Muhammad), Ali

Ali Ali Ali
Ali Maula Ali

[The] truth!
Ali Ali Ali
Ali, [my] master Ali


29 thoughts on “Haq Ali Ali Ali Maula Ali Ali

    • Its all admiration according to Quran and hadiths not at all comparison Allah……….it seems you have not understood the concept of tauheed.

    • Sayyed sahab… Aap asli sayyed hain ya dogle? Kiu Ki Agar Asli hote to Maula-e-Kainat ki shaan mein aisi ghustakhi nahi karte… Main Alim Bhai ki baat se ittehaad rakhta hoon… jaake pehle Quran-o-Hadees-e-Ahelbait ka muta’ala karein

  1. Its all admiration according to Quran and hadiths not at all comparison with Allah……….it seems you have not understood the concept of tauheed.

  2. Haq baat kahe jao.. baGhair hubb-e-Ali mudd’aa nahiiN miltaa
    ibaadatoN kaa bhii hargiz silaa nahiiN miltaa

  3. As In Surah Fatiha Allah we pray to guide as to the right path and path of those who were bestowed favors and not the cursed ones.
    This qawali has a deep meaning only those will understand who has wisdom for that.

  4. This Qawwali, Haq Ali Ali is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.
    I know the literal meaning of this qawwali cut can someone please explain to me the actual, the deeper meaning of it?

  5. Sardar-e-Ambiya ka tabassum Ali Ali….Hamari kya bisaat martaba samajhne ki Sher-e-Khuda kaa….yeh to Sarware-e-kaaynat(SAW) aur Allah(SWT) hi jaaneyyyy……………..

    • Haq baat ki hai Haidar bhai… humari naslein bhi Maula ki sirf ek fazilat ko samajh nahi sakti to phir fazilaton ke samandar ki to baat door ki hai

  6. bhaiyo jo ye qwaali ko galat samjhte he ye un logo ke liye phele aapne dil me iman ki jagah jagao baad me tumhare logo ki aukaat hogi ye qwalli samjhne ki…..one of my fav qwalli………well sung janab nusrat fateh ali khan….may god bless your soul..

  7. MASHALLAH !!!! HAQ ALI MOLA…. we slaves are ready to happily sacrifice
    our life,s and our parents in the path of my master….. and no matter who ever says what we dont care about it… ali (a.s) is the divine truth …. people without feelings and humanity cant read him…. They can just create violence and destroy human race in the name of islam!!!!! may Allah curse
    this people …… INshallah … illahiameen

  8. jis tarah ek zaat-e-Muhammad(swa) hai
    paidaa hu’aa na hogaa ko’ii duusraa
    haq ali(ra) haq ali(ra)
    We can to this

  9. Could anyone translate the following verse in English. Much Thanks.

    Khuloos-E-Dil Se Ali Ka Jo Naam Leta Hai
    Wohi To Lazzat-E-Umr-E-Tammam Leta
    Khuda Ke Bando Suno Gaur Se Khuda Ki Qasam
    Ali Ka Naam To Girton Ko Thaam Leta Hai

    • The one who takes Ali’s name with pure heart
      He is the one who gets taste (enjoyment) of whole life
      Allah swear, men of Allah listen carefully
      Ali’s name has the power to pick up the fallen ones

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