Private Details of EU Citizens To Be Given to US

Europeans can kiss their privacy goodbye.

The EU is finalizing a new deal that will give away all private information to the US – such as credit card transactions, internet browsing habits and travel histories, etc – this means what they buy, where they surf on the Internet and where they travel to will now be all at the fingertips of incompetent American government workers.

Brussels to sign away your private details to US

Excerpt from the article:

Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said: “We can barely trust our own authorities with sensitive personal information. What redress will we have on the other side of the Atlantic if our details are lost or abused?”

The Foreign Office would make no comment yesterday and an EU spokesman declined to discuss the matter. Stewart Baker, assistant secretary for policy at the US department of homeland security, said that the deal would make it easier for the US to obtain private information on individuals from banks, credit card firms and other companies in Britain and the EU.


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