More Police State Tyranny from England

Here’s another incident that shows how the UK has become a Police State. This man got arrested for laughing.

Christopher Cocker, 36, was minding his own business watching TV in his own home was laughing so hard he fell off the settee (sofa in American). A neighbor called the police.

The police forcefully barged into his home even though he had committed no crime, sprayed him with pepper spray, handcuff him – tied him down with plastic ties on his ankles and hands, arrested and threw him in the back of the police van. He was then stripped naked and thrown in jail.

Christopher Cocker
Christopher Cocker.

“It was something Paul Merton said and I remember falling of the settee, I didn’t think it would end up in court.

“I hadn’t had a drink or anything, I was just watching TV and all this happened. Paul Merton is one of my favorites. He’s really funny.”

Read the complete article here.


4 thoughts on “More Police State Tyranny from England

  1. Fascists use cops and mercenaries as a thug class to commit terrorist acts against citizens. This is intended to make citizens shut up, obey, and be afraid of ‘authorities’. It also seems intended to induce citizens to shoot cops so that military law can be declared. it is only for the benefit of war-profiteering corporatists. It’s a lose-lose situation until…

    Until we realize our moral duty to disobey those who make death threats – until we get back paper ballots, counted & recounted by hand – until Congress gets on its hind legs and impeaches – until we have a nationwide general strike – until we revoke corporations ‘rights’ as individuals – until we realize there are more patriots than corporatist thugs – until we make war profiteering a crime – until… ?

  2. “citizens shoot cops” Most Brits do not even have the right to own firearms. What are they going to shoot cops with? A garden hose?

    “Congress” you mean Parliament?

  3. ‘A Thug class’ – Biggest load of shite I have ever heard. Coppers are wankers because they have power. Give power to most people and they are wankers, just look at Zimbardo et al’s Stanford Prison Experiment.

    ‘Until we make war profiteering a crime’ – Erm, war is a game of tactics and profit. How are you going to stop firms from making profit from war, Lockheed Martin and all other weapon developers declare charity status?

    Another yank chatting shit trying to be fucking clever. Oh and if your talking about how to introduce a police state, in terms of government history should tell you strike action isn’t really the way.

  4. I left the UK 20 years ago as it was already well on the way to becoming a police state. Today it is a Orwellian nightmare. I will not return.

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