England – A Police State

This is the stupidity of the UK Government.

Apparently Security officials at Heathrow Airport prevented a thirty year old man from flying and threatened him of arrest unless he removed a t-shirt he was wearing with an image of an armed robot – Megatron – from Transformers.

T-shirt to dangerous to fly

Seriously, this is not a joke. The Evening Standard reported:

An airline passenger claimed that a security guard threatened to arrest him because he was wearing a T-shirt showing a cartoon robot with a gun. Brad Jayakody, 30, from London, said he was stopped from passing through security at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 after his Transformers T-shirt was deemed ‘offensive.’ …Mr Jayakody said the first guard started joking with him about the Transformers character depicted on his French Connection T-shirt. ‘”Then he explains that since Megatron is holding a gun, I’m not allowed to fly,’ he said. ‘It’s a 40ft tall cartoon robot with a gun as an arm. There is no way this shirt is offensive in any way, and what I’m going to use the shirt to pretend I have a gun?

In the USA – it is no better – recently my 73 year old mother was suspected of being a terrorist when four keystone cops from the Transportation Security Administration went though her luggage three times because she tried to take a bottle of water (to drink on the long flight to London) along with her in her purse. They also confiscated her perfumes and hand lotion bottles – God forbid, she just might take the the whole plane hostage with her tiny bottle of Aveeno. “Everybody on the floor!”

How stupid and paranoid do you have to be to believe that 73 year old women pose a significant threat to the country that they have to be patted down like criminals and subject to humiliating searches by illiterate government thugs?

If we want to stop terrorism in this country – let’s start by stopping wars on Arabs, Afghanis, our support to Israel and threatening Iran with “obliteration“. Then they won’t have a reason to attack us. Primary reason for suicide terrorists is occupation of their lands by a foreign power says Robert Pape, the world’s foremost authority on suicide terrorism.


3 thoughts on “England – A Police State

  1. Isn’t it wonderful being a minority with darker than milk skin. I am planning to fly in a month (for the first time since 2000) and wondering what I might face. Its a shame that people like your mother would be subjected to such harsh treatment.

  2. I’m in the U.S. and took a bus trip across the state the other day. At one point, while stopped in Rochester NY, border patrol officers boarded the bus and ask each passenger if he/she was a U.S. citizen. I was told this sort of thing happens all the time nowadays, but it just creeps me out. Passengers with foreign accents had to “produce their papers”.
    Homeland uber alles?

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