Monsanto: The Food Mafia

Monsanto - The Food Mafia

Here’s an article from Vanity Fair magazine titled Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear.

It is about Monsanto (the world’s leading producer of genetically modified seeds). Monsanto is known for many unethical and immoral practices such as employing child labor in India to handle poisonous pesticides while paying them half a dollar a day, dumping toxic waste in the UK and bribing officials in Indonesia. Also it sells the “Terminator” seeds – which if used will prevent farmers from replanting their crop’s seed, and force them to purchase the seed from Monsanto for every planting.

The article is very informative. It is very relevant in today’s times with food shortages and rationing going on – who controls the food supply?

Monsanto doesn’t allow reuse of its seeds (which people have been doing since the first farms began in Mesopotamia, present day Iraq- 10,000 BC), but forces farmers to buy new seeds each year – increasing food costs. They hire investigators to spy on farms and make sure no one is re-using – if they do – they get sued.

Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) is actually where agriculture began – but today in Iraq – former US dictator L. Paul Bremer already outlawed seed re-use of “protective kinds” – so Iraq farmers once they buy Monsanto’s seeds will get stuck with buying them from Monsanto once and for all.

If a farmer doesn’t use Monsanto’s seeds – Monsanto will target and sue him too. As the articles states one of the guys wasn’t even a farmer or a seed seller. They are also buying up the smaller seed companies – this way they drive out the competition.

Now it is going after milk and is taking aggressive steps to target and sue those who don’t want to use Monsanto hormones on their cows so they are forced out of business – another dirty trick they use is claim on the internet that these companies are lying about not using hormones.

Monsanto has the F.D.A’s support and the F.D.A will come after you (another reason why F.D.A. should be abolished). Your milk is probably already tainted with their hormones but pretty soon you will not be able to buy even milk that claims it is free from growth hormones if Monsanto has its way.

Monsanto succeeded in getting Pennsylvania, to begin February 1, 2008, to ban labels claiming their milk products are free from hormones on grounds that it implies the competitor’s milk is somehow unhealthy. But people started writing, emailing, calling the Agriculture secretary of Pennsylvania and he had to reverse the decision.

Click Here to read the Vanity Fair Article.


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