The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul – No. 1 on Amazon

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There it is “The Revolution: A Manifesto” by Ron Paul makes history and the top spot on Amazon on it’s official release date April 30, 2008.

It is the No. 1 best seller on Amazon beating even Oprah’s book of the month selection and will debut this Sunday on the NY Times Best Seller List (which only counts sales at physical bookshops and not online like Amazon) at No. 7.

I read it a week before its release; I believe this book is Ron Paul’s greatest work and will be the most important book you will read this year if not ever.

The book was a bestseller on Amazon even months before it came off the presses. And it will remain a formative influence and reach out to people long after everyone has forgotten what “Audacity of Hope” was all about. Just the first page of “The Revolution” says more than all the books ever written by Obama, Clinton or McCain.

You learn things in this book that don’t appear anywhere else. You’ll get more education by reading this book than you will by spending years in college. Ron Paul has been suppressed by the media for saying things that none of the other Presidential candidates have the guts or courage to say. He’s the greatest thinker in America since Thomas Jefferson. He preaches for small government, lowering taxes, restoring civil liberties, getting rid of the patriot act, having a solid currency (getting rid of the inflation), states rights, getting rid of government subsidies to whatever industry has the strongest lobby, balanced budgets and preventing the state from becoming a nanny state and no more undeclared and illegal wars. He’s one politician who can never be bought by any special interests.

Americans are sick of their government waging wars on countries that pose no threat to them, then using their taxes to fund these illegal wars, provide military aid to tyrants and dictators around the world, fund Israeli occupation, pay corrupt contractors like Halliburton, Bechtel, Blackwater and so on. The government continues to print money since it is spending more than it takes in from taxes, and is bent on making the once “almighty dollar” worthless.

If you recall my post in April of 2003: – I mentioned one of the reasons why Iraq was attacked was because it started selling oil for euros instead of dollars, this helped the euro gain almost 25% against the dollar back then.

Well, now Iran already has stopped conducting transactions in US Dollars:
Iran Dumps Dollar for Oil Trades.

A lot of rhetoric and propaganda has been spreading to get a war with Iran going recently. Admiral Fallon, the top military commander for Middle East, Asia and East Africa was forced out because he did not agree with the Bush administration on a war with Iran – and General Petraeus (some in the US call him General Betray US) was installed instead after he blamed Iran for attacks on US forces and at the Green Zone in Iraq in his report.

If this has any significance on what’s to come, we only have to remember what happened to Saddam when he switched to the euro.

This is truly a revolution that Ron Paul has started – there are many people this election running for office as “Ron Paul Republicans”. But the greatest hope for change in this country to me came from the most unexpected and surprising source.

On one of my trips a couple of weeks ago to Washington DC , I took my 8 year old son Darin with me. We went sightseeing on the famous Old Town Trolley. I highly recommend it. It is the best way to see Washington DC.

Let me first say, my kid spends a lot of time with me, so naturally being inquisitive as kids are, he knows about a lot of things that I am passionate about.

And because of my daily activities in support of Ron Paul’s candidacy over the last year or so, at this age – 8 years old – he knows more about the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, US history, American politicians (past and present) and their views than most Americans ever will their entire lives.

These days, Americans are more concerned about what Britney Spears is up to. Recently she has started working out at my local gym and ever since the place has been crowded as people are showing up just to see her working out (with sunglasses on! ha ha). Now I go to workout when American Idol’s on – that way everyone’s home watching TV and I can workout in peace.

Here’s a profound quote that explains American apathy and current situation very aptly:

“How many watched the debate last night? [on screen: Light cheers and a few boos]. How many watched ‘American Idol?’ [on screen: Loud cheers and applause]. You get the government you deserve.”
— Jay Leno, The Tonight Show, April 22, 2008.

While taking pictures at the White House, I asked Darin, what would be his platform if he were running for President of the USA ? He replied:

“Limited government, low taxes, no more wars, greater civil rights and bringing back the Constitution. You know, Dad…. like Ron Paul”.

I was expecting him to respond with something like “Free Ferro Rocher (his favorite chocolates), free books and soccer games daily – and no more homework”.

Oh well, some people may call it “brainwashing” – but I call it teaching a child principles, moral values, ethics, making wise choices, and having the courage to choose the right thing for the right reasons and avoid wrong things because of popularity. That’s what real leadership is all about. I am giving the book to Darin as a gift, although, it seems like he’s the person who needs to read it the least. He’s already part of The Revolution.


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