The War Against Taxes

This is something very admirable being done by the liberty loving folks in Massachusetts:

Activists Push To Repeal State Income Tax

A brief extract from the article:

A group of antitax activists launched a campaign over the weekend to abolish the state income tax, setting the stage for a contentious public battle if the measure is added to the ballot this fall.

After pushing a similar initiative that almost passed six years ago, a group called the Committee for Small Government is back for another round, asking voters to end the income tax and save the average taxpayer $3,600 a year. The group, led by libertarian Carla Howell, is almost certain to gather the 11,000 signatures needed to put a question on the November ballot.

To say that state officials are worried about the prospect would be an understatement.

Can this inspire Taxhausted Californians to emulate such an action?

We know that government will not reduce taxes on their own. This measure if passed I think would maybe force the MA state government to abandon freeloader programs in order to balance their budget.

California has a lot of freeloader programs which overburden taxpayers – like providing free phones with large push buttons to seniors (the program costs much more than the cost of the phones if a senior wants to buy it from Rite Aid for $10-20 – in fact after the government started the program the phone makers stopped selling to some retailers or started raising prices since the government doesn’t really care if it pays $150 for the large keypad phone).

Education is the top expenditure – yet with outspending every other state it still cannot bring about good schools. LAUSD wastes hundreds of millions on building schools which never get finished. LAUSD bureaucrats make as much as $300,000 plus benefits such as a car, housing, and expense accounts. LAUSD Principals make $99,000 up and Superintendents $250,000 and up and they don’t even teach anything.

It is a shame that after paying such high taxes to educate illegal aliens – I have to send my child to a private school because the local school has become a day care center for children of illegal immigrants (39% of the students in California K-12 are children of illegal immigrants). How the hell are private schools able to provide better education, pay their teachers well and spend less money per pupil than the state government? California leads the nation in spending for the education of illegal aliens.

Healthcare is the second largest expenditure – With “free flu shot” programs (that really never help anyone but even if they did – it would be cheaper to pay for a flu-shot – for those who want it rather than force taxpayers to fund such useless programs), free emergency room care for illegal immigrants, free abortion clinics disguised as “Parent Planning Centers”, etc. Even then – more than 66% of all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers. Is this really moral and fair?

Ron Paul at his office desk

Prisons – nearly 25% of inmates are illegals. At the rate of increase – by the 2012-2013 fiscal year, $15.4 billion will be spent on incarcerating Californians, as compared with $15.3 billion spent on educating them. Prison guards (qualification requires no college) make six-figure salaries and good benefits for life.

Lots of wasteful spending happens in California – like the 10 ft. ramp for the handicap which will cost taxpayers a million dollars. Comes to $100,000 per foot.

This cannot go on – and the term “spending limits” is a joke. Taxes once raised never go down. Only ending the taxes on Californians who are already overburdened can stop this bloated government from stealing our hard earned money and force them to balance their budgets.


Weapons Were Not Made in Iran After All

After all the 935 lies we were told about the Iraq invasion, how can anyone trust this administration when they lie to you about Iran? They have absolutely no shame.

These are the same folks who gave you the Yellow Cake “evidence” and Colin Powell at the UN “Yeah -that RV is actually a secret mobile WMD lab” and the same ones who gave you the “evidence” from the British dossier – the one that was plagiarized from a PhD student’s (Ebrahim Al-Marashi) thesis.

Here’s a report from ICH:

12/05/08 “ICH” — – In a sharp reversal of its longstanding accusations against Iran arming militants in Iraq , the US military has made an unprecedented albeit quiet confession: the weapons they had recently found in Iraq were not made in Iran at all.

The US, which until two weeks ago had never provided any proof for its allegations, finally handed over its “evidence” of the Iranian origin of these weapons to the Iraqi government. Last week, an Iraqi delegation to Iran presented the US “evidence” to Iranian officials.

According to Al-Abadi, a parliament member from the ruling United Iraqi Alliance who was on the delegation, the Iranian officials totally refuted “training, financing and arming” militant groups in Iraq . Consequently the Iraqi government announced that there is no hard evidence against Iran.

In another extraordinary event this week, the US spokesman in Iraq, Maj. Gen. Kevin Bergner, for the first time did not blame Iran for the violence in Iraq and in fact did not make any reference to Iran at all in his introductory remarks to the world media on Wednesday when he described the large arsenal of weapons found by Iraqi forces in Karbala.

In contrast, the Pentagon in August 2007 admitted that it had lost track of a third of the weapons distributed to the Iraqi security forces in 2004/2005. The 190,000 assault rifles and pistols roam free in Iraqi streets today.

In the past year, the US leaders have been relentless in propagating their charges of Iranian meddling and fomenting violence in Iraq and since the release of the key judgments of the US National Intelligence Estimate in December that Iran does not have a nuclear weaponisation programme, these accusations have sharply intensified.

The US charges of Iranian interference in Iraq too have now collapsed. Any threat of military strike against Iran is in violation of the UN charter and the IAEA’s continued supervision on Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities means there is no justification for sanctions.

CASMII calls on the US to change course and enter into comprehensive and unconditional negotiations with Iran.

For more information or to contact CASMII please visit

Obama Pledges Allegiance to Israel

Obama Pledges Allegiance to Israel

Last month Hillary Clinton vowed loyalty to Israel by threating a nuclear attack on Iran if Iran ever considers launching an attack on Israel:

“I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president, we will attack Iran… We would be able to totally obliterate them and those people who run Iran need to know that.”

Now that Obama seems the Democrats’ likely choice for the Presidential nomination, he is pledging his allegiance to Israel and re-assuring the Israeli lobby (that pretty much controls American foreign policy) that Israel’s interests will come before America’s – this has been the Bush policy for the last eight years.

Israel will continue to get our tax money, weapons, air planes, missiles, bombs, bulldozers, etc so they can brutally oppress the Palestinians, continue to steal their land, destroy their homes and build Israeli settlements on top of them. And every time Israel commits crimes of humanity and violates human rights – we will give them a gold medal and call them “men of peace” as Bush did to Sharon.

Democratic White House contender Barack Obama says the US would be fully committed to Israel’s security if he is elected president.

Obama Pledges Allegiance to Israel.


“America’s commitment to Israel’s security is unshakable,” the 46-year-old presidential hopeful said Thursday during a brief speech at a celebration to mark the 60th anniversary of Israel.

“I am absolutely convinced that our friendship between the two nations is unbreakable, the Illinois senator added.

“I pledge to you that I will do whatever I can in whatever capacity to not only ensure Israel’s security, but also to ensure that the people of Israel may thrive and prosper and build on the enormous promise that was made 60 years ago,” Senator Obama continued.

“The Road to Serfdom” in Cartoons

Vlad Tarko created this five minute film based on the book “The Road to Serfdom” by F. A. Hayek.

About the book:

The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek remains one of the all-time classics of twentieth-century intellectual thought. For over half a century, it has inspired politicians and thinkers around the world, and has had a crucial impact on our political and cultural history. With trademark brilliance, Hayek argues convincingly that, while socialist ideals may be tempting, they cannot be accomplished except by means that few would approve of. Addressing economics, fascism, history, socialism and the Holocaust, Hayek unwraps the trappings of socialist ideology. He reveals to the world that little can result from such ideas except oppression and tyranny. Today, more than fifty years on, Hayek’s warnings are just as valid as when The Road the Serfdom was first published.

It is one of the books recommended by Ron Paul on his reading list at the end of “The Revolution”.

Video: McCain’s Spiritual Guide Spewing Bigotry and Hatred

Why isn’t CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC and the rest of the mainstream media showing this bigotry the way they were showing Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speeches condemning American foreign policy?

Is it because the mainstream media agrees with McCain’s spiritual guide’s message?

McCain’s Spiritual Guide Calls for Destruction of Islam

The US Media (the so called “liberal media”) once again has been loyal to its masters and giving McCain a pass. 24 hour news channels and talk radio stations yet nothing of substance on any of them.

I truly pity the one whose sole news source is CNN or Fox (there’s a reason why they are called Fox – look it up in the dictionary).

Recently, the media made a circus running clips and sound bytes of Rev. Wright over and over again to try and portray him as a conspiracy nut and traitor so as to conjure up a phony scandal for Obama. Politics is dirty for sure. These video clips were probably brought out by someone from Clinton or McCain’s gang.

Rev. Wright defended himself and his positions very eloquently. Most of what he spoke was fact and I would agree with many of his positions despite being on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

I was saddened to see Obama stab him in the back – a la Brutus and denounce him. Maybe it was a good move politically – but whatever the Reverend said was not entirely incorrect or wrong. Ron Paul has ben saying this all along.

He was asked “Are you patriotic?”. He responded that he served 6 years in the military and that it was more military time than Dick Cheney served. Was this a false or insane statement?

Why was Obama “outraged”? He referred to US policies of sending troops to attack countries around the world. When asked why blame America for 9/11 – he replied that the “chickens have come home to roost” in the form of blowback from our policies overseas.

Most did not bother to find out that he was quoting Edward Peck, the former ambassador to Iraq, and deputy director of terrorism under Ronald Reagan.

Wright added, quoting the Bible’s golden rule, that you can not do terrorism to others and not have it come back to you.

Now McCain’s Pastor friend and who McCain calls “Spiritual Guide” calls for the destruction of the largest religion in the world and not a peep from the media? Click below link:

McCain’s Spiritual Guide Calls for Destruction of Islam


During a 2005 sermon, a fundamentalist pastor whom Senator John McCain has praised and campaigned with called Islam “the greatest religious enemy of our civilization and the world,” claiming that the historic mission of America is to see “this false religion destroyed.” In this taped sermon, currently sold by his megachurch, the Reverend Rod Parsley reiterates and amplifies harsh and derogatory comments about Islam he made in his book, Silent No More, published the same year he delivered these remarks. Meanwhile, McCain has stuck to his stance of not criticizing Parsley, an important political ally in a crucial swing state.

Watch the Video:
Video: McCain’s Spiritual Guide Spewing Bigotry and Hatred

Are We Better Off Than 8 Years Ago?

What has been achieved in the last eight years?

Are we Better Off?

Are we really better off? Not really….Unless of course you were a S & P 500 CEO like Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide CEO who earned $132 million for ripping off shareholders, home buyers and recently he scammed Bank of America.

Jim Quinn, Senior Director of Strategic Planning, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania gives us a well researched look at what two term (8 years) with George W. Bush has done to this country:

Why We Need Ron Paul.

Monsanto: The Food Mafia

Monsanto - The Food Mafia

Here’s an article from Vanity Fair magazine titled Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear.

It is about Monsanto (the world’s leading producer of genetically modified seeds). Monsanto is known for many unethical and immoral practices such as employing child labor in India to handle poisonous pesticides while paying them half a dollar a day, dumping toxic waste in the UK and bribing officials in Indonesia. Also it sells the “Terminator” seeds – which if used will prevent farmers from replanting their crop’s seed, and force them to purchase the seed from Monsanto for every planting.

The article is very informative. It is very relevant in today’s times with food shortages and rationing going on – who controls the food supply?

Monsanto doesn’t allow reuse of its seeds (which people have been doing since the first farms began in Mesopotamia, present day Iraq- 10,000 BC), but forces farmers to buy new seeds each year – increasing food costs. They hire investigators to spy on farms and make sure no one is re-using – if they do – they get sued.

Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) is actually where agriculture began – but today in Iraq – former US dictator L. Paul Bremer already outlawed seed re-use of “protective kinds” – so Iraq farmers once they buy Monsanto’s seeds will get stuck with buying them from Monsanto once and for all.

If a farmer doesn’t use Monsanto’s seeds – Monsanto will target and sue him too. As the articles states one of the guys wasn’t even a farmer or a seed seller. They are also buying up the smaller seed companies – this way they drive out the competition.

Now it is going after milk and is taking aggressive steps to target and sue those who don’t want to use Monsanto hormones on their cows so they are forced out of business – another dirty trick they use is claim on the internet that these companies are lying about not using hormones.

Monsanto has the F.D.A’s support and the F.D.A will come after you (another reason why F.D.A. should be abolished). Your milk is probably already tainted with their hormones but pretty soon you will not be able to buy even milk that claims it is free from growth hormones if Monsanto has its way.

Monsanto succeeded in getting Pennsylvania, to begin February 1, 2008, to ban labels claiming their milk products are free from hormones on grounds that it implies the competitor’s milk is somehow unhealthy. But people started writing, emailing, calling the Agriculture secretary of Pennsylvania and he had to reverse the decision.

Click Here to read the Vanity Fair Article.

Ron Paul Leads in Military Contributions

Military donations to anti-war candidates rise


During the reporting period, Paul — a former Air Force surgeon who broke with his party to vote against the Iraq war — received the most military contributions, with $201,271.

That’s significantly more than the presumptive Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain from Arizona, who received $132,133 from military donors, according to CRP.

“I think that our fighting men and women want to protect America, defend our Constitution and defend our borders,” said Jesse Benton, a spokesman for Rep. Paul’s campaign. “I think they’re sick and tired of being sent overseas on these police actions and getting caught in the middle of these civil wars, and want someone like Ron Paul speaking sense.

“They signed up to defend our country, not police the world,” Benton said, “and I think they’re hungry for leaders who do that.”