Taxi to the Dark Side Wins Oscar

Writer/Director Alex Gibney with producer Eva Orner

The Oscar nominated documentary film on the US government and its torture policies that I was raving about won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature last Sunday night.

ALEX GIBNEY: Thank you very much, Academy. Here’s to all doc filmmakers. And truth is, I think my dear wife Anne was kind of hoping I’d make a romantic comedy, but honestly, after Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, extraordinary rendition, that simply wasn’t possible. This is dedicated to two people who are no longer with us: Dilawar, the young Afghan taxi driver, and my father, a Navy interrogator, who urged me to make this film because of his fury about what was being done to the rule of law. Let’s hope we can turn this country around, move away from the dark side and back to the light. Thank you very much.

I think winning the Oscar was great but previously I had mentioned how The Discovery Channel was accused of political censorship of the film. Well, it turned out great that HBO decided to buy out the television rights to the film and hopefully will air it in September.

Congratulations, Alex Gibney! A brilliant film maker and a great Peaceful Warrior!


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