Discovery Channel Accused of Political Censorship


Just over a week ago I posted about the Oscar nominated documentary film by Alex Gibney – Taxi to the Dark Side.

Well, turns out The Discovery Channel bought the U.S. television distribution rights for “Taxi to the Dark Side” after it won the top prize at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

They assured Gibney that they were committed to the film and into broadcasting it.

Now apparently they have changed their minds. They are dropping plans to broadcast the film because they feel it is “too controversial”.

Since they bought the rights to the movie and won’t air it anymore they will not allow anyone else to air it either.

Click here to listen, watch or read the transcript of the interview.

Just great….we can get tortured by mind-numbing “reality TV” and forcefully shoved with “news” every time Britney takes a piss but this documentary which is shows the truth, is educational and informative is “too controversial”?

I guess we wouldn’t want the American people to be pulled away from their beloved American Idol and Paris Hilton and actually watch shows that are factual, educational and informative. No – let’s keep the American people in the dark about how their government tortures and kills innocent people.

Shame on The Discovery Channel. Write to them and let them know politely that you would like them to air “Taxi to the Dark Side”:

Click here to contact the Discovery Channel.


5 thoughts on “Discovery Channel Accused of Political Censorship

  1. UB, I followed up on this lead so I could post on it too. (I saw Taxi at the Anchorage International Film Festival in December.) It looks like Discovery may never have intended to air Taxi. It turns out they also own the Military Channel which joined America Support You, a Defense Department Program to support the troops. I’ve posted an excerpt from and link to their press release here. Thanks for tipping me off to this story.

  2. The link you have to contact Discovery Channel is really set up for questions about their programs and you have two pages of blanks to fill in before you can make a comment. Here are the email and phone numbers of a couple of people at the Discovery Channel courtesy of the “America Supports You” news release:

    Jill Bondurant
    Discovery Communications, Inc.
    (240) 662-2927 or
    Kate Hawken
    (240) 662-2947

  3. Thanks for numbers, Steve.

    I need to post a follow-up on this. The film won the Oscar and apparently Discovery sold the rights to HBO which may air the film sometime in the fall.

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