Stupid Excuses to Attack Iran

The US mainstream media is yet again cheer leading as the Bush administration starts its brainwashing campaign to convince Americans into believing that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons program, despite all evidence from multiple US intelligence agencies that refute the allegations.

The Bush administration claims that once they have the nuclear weapons they will strike Israel. And as Israel’s ally we have to protect them. Even at the expense of American lives.

Just think about it. Put away your blindness and ignorance for a second and look at it from a logical point of view. Do not let the media or the government fool you again like it did when they claimed Iraq could launch a biological or chemical attack in 45 minutes.

Pretend for a second that Iran has atomic bombs. Look at this map:


Israel is surrounded by Muslim countries. The atomic bomb would also kill Palestinians and Arabs. Israel is 20% Arab also. The radio active fallout will reach everywhere from Turkey to Iran itself which is less than 600 miles away from Israel.

This time, my fellow Americans, do not let them fool you into supporting a war with Iran. Iran poses no threat to us or Israel. Iraq war has already cost us half a trillion dollars so far and may cost much, much more. Why should we pay so much so that government “contractors” like Blackwater, Halliburton, Bechtel and others can overcharge the US government for its services? As it is there are more mercenaries than American troops.

The US economy is in shambles. Yet no one wants to address the 94% increase in foreclosures, the tanking of the dollar due to massive trade deficits, runaway government spending or discuss that there’s a recession in the country.

America is worried about Iran opening an oil bourse trading in non-dollar denominations but what happened to the good old days of US exports?

The reason the dollar was so much in demand was because American companies produced products that the rest of the world actually wanted.

Now even our American flags are “Made in China”.


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