Take Action: Oppose $30 Billion in Military Aid Package to Israel

End Occupation

I’ve just sent letters to the Bush Administration and Congress opposing additional military aid to Israel.

On August 16, the United States and Israel signed an agreement for $30 billion in military aid over the next ten years. Israel routinely violates the U.S. Arms Export Control Act and Foreign Assistance Act by using U.S. weapons to commit human rights violations against Palestinians. Congress still needs to appropriate money yearly in order to give this agreement effect. Join me in taking action to oppose more military aid going to Israel.

Please take a moment to contact your elected representatives today and urge them to oppose an increase in military aid to Israel and to sanction Israel by cutting off military aid for its prior violations of U.S. law:


Israel is a funded state. Despite its own relatively healthy economy, it continues to receive aid from the US, in disproportion to both the country’s population and needs.

The financial aid alone that Israel receives from the US allows it to purchase tanks, helicopter gunships, F-16 war planes, machine guns and bullets – all of which it uses to commit human rights violations against the Palestinian people on a daily basis. When it is not possible for the Israeli government to use the funds directly on military expenditure, their use elsewhere frees up other Israeli government funds to pay for military salaries, services and facilities.

Military power is required for Israel to maintain its occupation of the Palestinian territories, implemented through a system of expanding settlements, checkpoints and closure. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that the US is funding and supplying the Israeli government’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, as without financial subsidies from the US, the Israeli government would have found it considerably more difficult to sustain its military occupation of the Palestinian territories for the past thirty-four years.


4 thoughts on “Take Action: Oppose $30 Billion in Military Aid Package to Israel

  1. I am glad to see that antisemitism is alive and well. Perhaps you can help the Palestinian cause by doing what they do, which is strap on suicide vests and murder innocent Jews.

    Why not just say you want to kill every Jew and get it over with rather than hiding behind a phone issue such as taxes.

    I am sure you blame the Jews for Hamas and Fatah killing each other in Gaza, as well as for the 1,000,000 Palestinians murdered by Jordan in the 1970s.

    Oh, and there is no such thing as a Palestinian. They are a fictional invented people.

    Enjoy living in your Holocaust denying, suicide bombing loving world.


  2. LOL! Your accusations are illogic and baseless. It is not “anti-semitism” – How can it be “anti-semitism” when Arabs are semitic people as well? Educate yourself first.

    Don’t you think it is rather silly to accuse people of “anti-semitism”, supporting suicide bombers, being “liberals” and holocaust deniers, etc simply because you cannot address their valid factual statements? I’m a conservative Republican who works and supports Jewish groups opposed to the policies of Israel that carry out ethnic cleansing. You will not find a single post denying the holocaust or supporting suicide bombers on this blog. Or maybe it is easier to attack people rather than think.

    Do you believe that criticizing Israel for its policies of ethnic cleansing the land of the indigenous people by killing them with my tax dollars, bulldozing their homes, stealing their land and “importing” Europeans to live on them is “antisemitism”?

    Then you probably think these two famous Jews who do so are “anti-semites” as well:


    As I said before, Eric – educate yourself before posting silly comments. It is all right to be ignorant – but there is no cure for stupidity.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and Shalom.


  3. Looks like this action took place in August, 2007? San Francisco? We’re collecting photos of actions around the U.S. calling for an end to military aid to Israel. We’d like to use this photo on our website in the photo gallery of actions. May we? We’d like more info about the event for a caption… thanks!

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