Sensation Productions


My mother called the other day from Cardiff, Wales; I tell you that woman never ceases to surprise me – she just pops up somewhere around the world and calls me for the oddest reasons – but this time she had a great reason and that was to tell me about about this new website:

Sensation Productions

She tells me I’ll feel like dancing to the music when I listen to it and boy was she right! The track “Crazy About U” got me popping…

Listen to this awesome music by an extremely talented and upcoming artist and music producer from Cardiff – Milan. (That’s right Miraj’s little brother). The sound reminds me so much of Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross and Lionel Richie. He plays most instruments and has written, arranged and performed all the recordings himself. I remember Milan as a sweet little boy who loved playing video games. I loved pulling his cheeks.

Mum, if you’re reading this – stop it now, you’re supposed to be praying and stuff at your age – not listening to R&B, for crying out loud! LOL!.


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