US Media Pimps Another War

Let the deception begin. This is déjà vu all over again. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the war propaganda leading to the Iraq war. Only this time the country is Iran.

During the Iraq war it was aluminum tubes, nuclear program designs, Bush’s speech about 45 minutes to a mushroom cloud, the forged Niger invoice for yellowcake (this was by far the most ridiculous claim – and led to the outing of a CIA agent Valerie Plame who’s husband the US ambassador there believed it was a forgery), and the British dossier which was actually plagiarized from an American PhD student’s (Ibrahim Marashi) thesis. Another deception was linking Saddam to the 9/11 attacks. Oh and remember Colin Powell addressing the UN pointing to an RV and saying it was a mobile chemical weapons lab? Where did all those Weapons of Mass Destruction go? Only God and the NeoCons know.

How much do you want to bet Bush will say “Iraq’s Missing WMDs are now in Iran” to justify attacking Iran?

The Guardian (UK) reports that much of the US “intelligence” is also based on lies and forged evidence.

Read the Complete article:,,2019235,00.html

Why is the American media not calling out the government on its lies? Why is it that we Americans have to resort to reading this in British newspapers? Why is the American media publishing this propaganda?

This is the same American media that failed to question the government’s lies, fake evidence and forgeries for the Iraq war. Now they are doing the same thing all over again. They have become pimps for the Bush Administration and have already started cheer-leading the government propaganda for another war.

Forged evidence and fabrications like:

“Iran providing weapons to Iraqi insurgents are killing coalition troops” – While the insurgents – some of who are armed, trained and funded by my taxes, are killing coalition troops – They are using the same weapons we give them (Like the Taliban shooting down our planes with rocket launchers we gave them). The Shi’ites are not the ones killing coalition troops either – The Iraqi insurgents are primarily Sunni extremists and Ba’athists blowing up hundreds of Shi’ites in their homes, mosques and markets with their home made bombs every week. Why shouldn’t Iran provide the Shi’ites in Iraq with weapons?

“Stolen laptop contains Iranian designs to build nuclear bombs”. All in English and on a laptop? Come on now…be a little more creative! Even Hollywood can do better than that! Does it run Microsoft Windows as well?

Look at the quagmire in Iraq. When will America learn that air strikes will not win a war? America cannot win a ground war not even after using carpet bombs with DU, Daisy Cutters, MOABS, and White Phosphorous on Iraqi cities.

A war with Iran will be a big mistake. This is not Iraq – where Americans were laughing at how Saddam’s soldiers did not even have shoes. Iran has a military that is technologically advanced and far larger in number. And one does not need psychic powers to predict that carpet bombing Iranian cities or nuking them will not change the resolve of the Iranian government nor its people.


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