Nitu and Mahesh Gadhvi: The Most Talented Singers in the World


Ever since I was a young kid of about age five, I’ve been fascinated with their voices. I still recall trying to dress up like Mahesh and style my hair like him. And Nitu, I have no words for – she’s one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen with a voice truly like an angel.

Today their music sounds even more heavenly; the chemistry of their duets, transcendental. The silken voice of Nitu melts with Mahesh’s rich and ethereal voice; creating such magic that mesmerizes audiences the world over, from Atlantic City to Hong Kong.


Nitu and Mahesh Gadhvi are the definitely the most talented singers in the world. I do not know of any other singing duo that can awe and inspire such diverse audiences and make those occasions so memorable. I still recall how much I was lost in a crowded party dancing to foot stomping numbers during one of their performances in London, then at another performance, half way across the globe, I was in the midst of people praising the Urdu poetry of their Ghazals with “Wah wah” lying down on luxurious rugs and soft cushions at a mehfil on the banks of the magnificent Hudson River in upstate New York. Don’t remind them about that event though – the next day we spent the day at an eye hospital in Manhattan learning about conjuctivitis.

The songs in the film Jaanbaaz (1986) are such timeless classics that even today, twenty years later, when you hear them they seem way ahead of their time.


“Teri Yaad Ayee” (one of my favorites) from the album of the same name, was one of the most requested numbers on the radio program “Dial-a-Disc” on Radio Tanzania in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

If you’d like to learn more about Nitu and Mahesh’s music and book a performance, you can contact them via their website:

Nitu and Mahesh Gadhvi
London, UK

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8952 2153
Mobile: +44 (0) 7956 967 899



5 thoughts on “Nitu and Mahesh Gadhvi: The Most Talented Singers in the World

  1. Hello nitu mahesh it was wonderful to see you boath it was my first time that i saw you boath nitu you have the most wonderful voice in the world Hamerewaten ke logo amde me cry it was so wonder ful program I thoroughly enjoied right from start to finnish i like to take this oppurnaty to thank you boath lots of love to you boath

  2. If you are in London, looking to get singers for a wedding, function, Ghazal, Mehfil, etc – there is no better singer duo than Mahesh and Nitu! Their enthusiasm truly will make your event a superhit!

  3. i listened to their song for the first time in for janbaaz movie the sad part is that this song has not been given any importance at all. This song is 1000% better than vishal shekhar pritam sajid wajid and himesh reshmya and other bunch of modern music directors song. Kalyanji Anandji is highly neglected by fm radio and current day media. Youngsters should try to explore more music by KAJI brothers, they are the one who brought a variety of trend right from Saraswatichandra to Kaun Kare Kurbanie. Thanks to the masters for giving opportunity to Mahesh Gadhvi and Nitu you both singers should be doing puja of both music directors. Hope to see you great couples performing in India, All the best to rest of life

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