Deja Vu? Vietnam All Over Again

President Bush announced last night that his plan is to send 20,000 more troops to occupy and loot Iraq (even though Iraqis do not want them) and add a billion towards “reconstruction aid” (which means paying Cheney’s company Halliburton and Donald Rumfeld’s company to overcharge for putting in amenities like a new door to the US embassy). This is fuzzy logic that only Bush cronies and brainwashed “conservatives” and “Republicrats” understand.

The democrats have failed miserably to do what they were elected to do. Shame on them.

The billion dollars will be wasted just like the nearly $360 billion already wasted – Haliburton will get more “no-bid” contracts so when Cheney is done with abusing his power as VP – he can go back to his old job of fleecing taxpayers.

You do not have to be a psychic to forsee that more American lives, more Iraqi lives and further escalation of the civil war is in the future as result of this “surge”.

An attack on Iran is not off the table either. Last night US Troops raided the Iranian consulate in northern Iraq and there’s a huge buildup of military presence in the Persian Gulf – Is this to prepare for an attack on Iran? Israel is already making practice runs for an attack on Iran. And Israel’s American media puppets have already started explaining Israel actions and lying to manipulate the American public.

This is Vietnam all over again. And the “surge” only seems to distract America and Congress while Bush prepapres for an attack on Iran.

Here is Fisk’s analysis and Prediction:

The Bush plan, and the question of withdrawal

What Bush says

20,000 troops increase

Mistake of not sending sufficient troops must be rectified. Troops stabilise Baghdad and reinforce Anbar province, on condition that Iraqis take on Shia militias

$1bn reconstruction aid

Fresh funds will help create jobs and stimulate economy to show Iraqis there can be a peace dividend, and friendly Middle East states should help out too


US commitment to Iraq is not open-ended but no timetable for troop withdrawal, even though US troops are expected to hand control to Iraqis by November

What Congress says

20,000 troops increase

Troop build-up is a mistake. House expected to vote on increase, Senate legislation forces Bush to seek congressional approval but neither move could block troop deployment

$1bn reconstruction aid

Don’t throw good money after bad. US has squandered billions since the invasion and Democrats plan investigation. Millions of dollars ‘overpaid’ by Pentagon to Iraq contractors


Bush has not learnt the lesson of November’s mid-term elections which gave Democrats control of the House and Senate on the platform of a phased withdrawal from Iraq

What Baker says

20,000 troops increase

Up to 20,000 military trainers and troops embedded into and supporting Iraqi army, while combat troops drawn down to avoid increase in total numbers

$1bn reconstruction aid

US economic assistance should be boosted to $5bn per year. US should take anti-corruption measures by posting oil contracts on the internet for outside scrutiny


All US combat troops not needed for force protection should be out of Iraq by the first quarter of 2008

Likely outcome

20,000 troops increase

Escalation of conflict

Money will be wasted, with official corruption in Iraq said to drain $7bn a year


Troop surge could disguise ‘cut and run’ depending on the circumstances in both Iraq and America


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