Nasi Lemak

The unofficial “National Dish of Malaysia”. Nasi Lemak is served anytime, breakfast, lunch, dinner, even as a snack. It’s cooked in coconut milk, with pandan leaves, a few cloves, ginger and a stalk of lemon grass. The coconut milk makes the rice texture creamy and fluffy. It is similar to “Wali wa Nazi” but a little more fragrant because of the herbs and spices.

Nasi Lemak is available on almost every street vendor and in almost every Malaysian food restaurant. It can be served with everything – from vegetable curry to fish. A perfect companion for the Malaysian Chicken Curry.

1 cup rice (preferably Basmati)
1 tbsp olive oil (vegetable or canola oil is fine too)
3 screwpine (or pandan) leaves
1 stalk lemon grass
1 inch pc ginger root (peeled and shredded)
3-4 cloves
salt to taste
2 cups coconut milk

Wash the rice several times and drain. Add 2 cups of thick coconut milk with screwpine leaves,ginger and lemongrass to the rice. Put some salt (maybe like ¼ teaspoon or less), the oil, and the cloves and cook the rice like you normally do – I leave mine to boil until the coconut milk is almost gone then stir it up, cover it and put it on lowest setting for a few minutes. Usually served with some accompaniments; spicy red hot sauce (sambal), sliced hard-boiled egg and slices of cucumber.


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