Death of a Dictator

Fate of Saddam
Indian artist Sudarshan Pattnaik puts finishing touches to a sand sculpture titled Fate of Saddam!!! at the Puri beach, Bhubaneswar, in the Indian state of Orissa on Wednesday.
Photograph : Associated Press

New sources announced Saddam Hussein is to be executed tonight.

What right do the US occupiers have to execute him? Don’t get me wrong – Saddam was a brutal dictator who killed thousands of innocent people in his reign of terror. In the kangaroo court the US occupiers convicted him of crimes and now are hanging him. Why do we have to kill people who kill other people to show them that killing people is wrong?

How Ironic is it? Bush attacked Iraq – a nation half way across the world that posed absolutely no threat to the USA. He killed 655,000 Iraqi civilians, unleashed a civil war, turned Iraq into a terrorist haven. Before there were no terrorists in Iraq – and no al-Qaeda – now the place is crawling with them. Bush allowed Abu Ghraib to happen. His administration defended the torturers and rapists of Abu Ghraib. Daily kidnappings, rapes, and bombings of Shi’ite mosques. This is the “liberation” and “democracy” the Bush regime has brought to Iraq. Yet we’re executing Saddam for his crime of killing 148 Shiite villagers in Dujail in 1982?

Bush is a war-mongering psychopath completely disconnected from reality. But what about the rest of the world? Why are we just watching and allowing this to happen? Has the whole world gone insane? Is this really America or am I living in the Matrix? Hello? Anyone home?


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